Ponza – Cala Feola 102

silverio 5The room is dedicated to Cala Feola which derives its name from the family that first settled there in 1772.
The Cala houses Natural Pools (remains of ancient volcanic vents), the sandy beach of the Marina, the cliff of tufa Cove, and some of the most beautiful places and among the most popular with visitors from all over the world. Cala Feola is also the place where many bathers like to sock in the sun and rent private boats.

A reef protects frangifrutto a small dock, where the local fisherman dock their boats. And this is where you find the nutty but nice, and very experienced captain Silverio Beluga. Join him on a daily tril around the island with many swimming stops. The cruse includes lunch promptly at 1 on the boat, usually pasta, wine, coffee and cake. Give him a go only 25 euros per person.

The terrace with overlooking Palmarola horizon.

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