My name is Susie Ardovini.
I’m English and proudly married to my Italian-American husband Enzo.

We live on the west coast of Italy overlooking the Bay of Gaeta where there’s never a dull moment, where life is way too short and where every new day is an opportunity to make a difference.

Preparing the grape harvest for jam[/caption]

Come and join us and discover Italy, the food, the places, the people …

Enzo’s Place Headquarters

11 thoughts on “About

    1. Every single day brings something different and I’m really trying to write it all down as quickly as possible. Thank you for finding us and remember – dreams really do come true :))

  1. Ciao Susie, really enjoying your blog….Im Italian, marrried to my Scottish husband Charles. We live in Reggio Calabria, please have a look at hes blog http://www.ccwinning.com
    P.s. Siamo stati ad Agerola qualche anno fà presso amici……nice place and good mozzarella….

    1. Grazie Maria … We love Agerola and have many friends there. I will take a look at your blog later today. At the moment I am trying to practice my Italian 🙂 It’s really terrible and I suspect that your English is much better. I am forcing Enzo to speak Italian with me all the time – starting from today! Xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Our Kitchen 🙂 We have so much to share and so little time and few fingers to get it all out there … but we’re sharing as much as we can, as fast as we can. Your comments mean a great deal to us.

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