Want recipes? Well, you have come to the right place. You hear a great deal about Enzo and now it’s time to hear about Enzo’s wife, Susie.

Susie has been cooking professionally for many years now and is continually feeding Enzo with her new recipes, without complaint so far. She is constantly being asked for her recipes and has a wealth of international culinary experience to draw on.

Susie has recently created The Big Dream Factory where through her love of Italy and food, she brings you authentic, handmade Italian pasta, gnocchi, biscotti and a whole range of sauces for sale at The Farm at Rockledge Gardens.

You can join The Big Dream Factory at Facebook to see our latest culinary developments and what Enzo is bringing back from Italy.

You can catch up with The Pasta Maker at The Farm at Rockledge Garden’s on Saturday from 10 – 2. Meet the crew personally!

italian flag enzo bannerAnd that’s not all! The Big Dream Factory has also partnered with Sonia Peronaci of Giallozafferano, the largest recipe website in Italy. Here you can find our recipes in Italian. 

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