Things to do

We are often amazed at how much there is to do in Italy. Of course there are the tourist ‘hot spots’ but there are also a whole bunch of Italians wanted to show you the ‘real Italy’.

worldwide trips and toursYou can go ahead and pre-book your trips and tours with us or give us a wish list and let’s see what we can come up with.

Some of the most magic moments for us is witnessing the moment when our guests know that they have engaged in an event or shared an experience that will live with them forever. It is this magic that we want you to experience too.

To give you some idea of what is possible on your trip of a lifetime, we have put together a small collage of photographs.

  • An audience with The Pope
  • Bringing in the olive harvest
  • Enjoy Napolitano pizza
  • Sip an espresso
  • Walk The Path of The Gods
  • Experience a Sagra



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